Betwixt Summer and Fall
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September has a week to go and the New York Tourism Fall Foliage map says that portions of the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains are at the midpoint of change while Long Island has not yet begun to change. The rest of the state is said to be just starting to change.

2015-09-23_09-37-20Mid way between Lake Tear of the Clouds and New York Harbor we see the last vestiges of morning fog lifting off the Hudson River mid-morning.

2015-09-23_11-44-19In Albany, as the noon hour nears, in the deepest shade of the Corning Preserve a few drops of dew still cling to the blades of grass.

2015-09-23_11-24-04Fleabane, in all its purple glory, bounces with the gentle breeze.

2015-09-23_11-20-09_012015-09-23_11-20-112015-09-23_11-21-33A flight of four Canada Geese reach takeoff speed in the shadows and then only fly a few yards to the protection of a small pond. They don’t have the “Urge for Going” quite yet.

2015-09-23_11-17-45Under a small tree leaning out over the pond one finds a paradox of tiers of shadow, reflection, and deeper shadow on the glassy smooth surface all bordered by a band of pond scum.

2015-09-23_11-25-40The towers of the former headquarters of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad (now the central offices of the State University of New York) seemingly rise out of the band of trees that buffer the waterfront from an expressway and a bustling downtown.

2015-09-23_11-26-46A Black Walnut shell probably broken open by a hungry squirrel lies abandoned in the grass.

2015-09-23_11-28-24The dock at Jennings Landing, with a solitary figure relaxing at the end, floats in what Native Americans called “The River That Flows Both Ways” as it would rise and fall twice each day with the ocean tides. These days the tide ends at the Dam in Troy – 8 to 10 miles upstream of Albany.

The calendar says it is fall but just as Albany is betwixt ocean and mountain – it is also betwixt summer and fall. The oppressive heat and humidity of summer are gone but green still dominates the trees and one does not need a sweater or jacket to stroll along the waterfront.