Oh! “TRANSITION” avatar

I thought you said transmission.01-Transmission

O.K. the March photo contest theme is “Transition.” I hope you understand my confusion.

I thought a bud on a tree branch might do – but that’s too clichĂ©d.02-Bud

Besides some of the trees are confused too. The Red Oak never completed the fall transition and now it needs to start the spring transition.03-Tree

Ah Spring! The season of things ephemeral like the pot holes that mark the highway department’s transition from winter plowing to summer repaving. While drivers face the confusion of selecting a safe non-damaging path along the road.04-PotHoles

In winter the clear frozen pond is a place to skate.05-WinterPond

And in summer Great Blue Heron – and young boys – find it an ideal fishing spot.06-SummerPond

But in spring it is a confused sheet of unsafe ice and water.07-SpringPond

Even the sign posters are confused by the pond conditions.08-PondConfusion

Then there are the “Vernal Ponds” – existing only in the transitional period between frozen snow covered ground and soft summer ground.10-VernalPond-209-VernalPond-1

Imagine the confusion of the outdoor person’s closet floor. What footwear can be stored away, what can still be used for awhile longer, what needs to be dug out of winter hiding places. O.K. the skates can go away but I might get another backcountry ski in. The packboots can get stowed unless it snows tomorrow. The bike shoes can come out ….11-Footwear

Now if I could get a person undergoing “Gender Reassignment” to pose – that would be a transition that could provoke discussion.

Nope – I got nothing for this month! What’s up for April?